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Fasal Amrit

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Fasal Amrit is an organic Super Absorbent Polymer made by biowaste from juice shops. It is useful to reduce the irrigation water & fertilizer requirement and help to get more yield without affecting the soil and crop. The product can enhance soil health by providing micronutrients and maintain the moisture content along with helping the growth of microbe which is almost at zero level due to the high usage of chemical fertilizer.

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Plant & Irrigation System

Water Saving

Reduce more than 40% of irrigation water requirement.


Reduce Fertilizer

Reduce fertilizer by more than 20% for your crop.

Wheat Crop

More Yield

Get 15% more yield without polluting soil.

Organic Vegetables

Grow Organically

Grow organically with the fully biodegradable product.

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We were trying to grow the plant in the hilly area but due to sharp inclination and insufficient water around 30% plant were surviving. By using EF Polymer we were able to save more than 70% plant.

Department of Forestry, Udaipur

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